For those who need an artist.

As a resource for community members seeking artists, ELEVATOR will:

Build a searchable open directory of cross-disciplinary independent artists who are available for hire, open to collaboration, etc.
Create an online marketplace for all hirable creative performances and pop-ups, whether a workshop, dance troupe, or conceptual art piece.
Maintain an inventory of all the creative and cultural performances offered in Greater Louisville, including especially smaller and lesser-known groups and organizations.
Leverage our network to promote, advocate for, and publicize the unique and diverse talent in our community.
Provide “match-making” consultation for artists and community members to facilitate connection and collaboration across various disciplines and industries.
Promote a deeper sense of connection, collaboration, and intersectional engagement within our community.

Our Goal

Our goal is to build a unique organization as a hub for the creators of our community. We want to increase access and artists’ capacity through resources, professional development, and promotional tools to elevate their economic growth and community engagement. By helping remove barriers to access that many demographics face, we will help empower our creative community to find sustainability in their careers – in any discipline. ELEVATOR Artist Resource is well-positioned to connect directly with a vast network of artists, community-based organizations, and supporters.

Courtesy: Fund for the Arts; Photo: John Nation

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